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Industrial goods Inspection

Giám định hàng công nghiệp

ASIACONTROL provides full range of engineering inspection and quality related services applicable for the industry products, machinery and equipment, completed production line, building construction, bridges, routes, port's wharfs, factories, projects. It is carried out by fully qualified and experienced surveyors of ASIACONTROL and has been gained the high prestige and faith from the foreign and domestic Clients, since years ago.

Our services include:

Inspection and supervision of condition, damage and repair of all kinds of containers.

Inspection of condition, specifications, synchronism, quantity, weight, quality, dimension, packing, marking of the goods and products, of production lines...during or after manufacturing process; prior to export/ import activity; before or after assembling process.

Inspection of technical condition, damage, quality and value of use, commercial value depreciation of equipment, machinery, production lines, all means of transportation, construction sites, bridges, routes, port's wharfs ... establishing a general and balance estimation, and supervising of repair and surmount of damage.

Inspection and valuation of the production prices of brand new or second-hand used equipment and machinery; production lines, which are installed for the factories, projects ...

Inspection of condition and quality of equipment, machinery, production lines, all means of transportation; testing and analyzing of chemicals, iron and steel products, paper, cotton-cloth-fiber, building materials, feed meals, fertilizers, the request of the government authorities such as customs, police, market control, court, tax office ... 

Inspection and non-destroy test; ultrasonic test of the welding lines of equipment, machinery, pre-made house frames, ultrasonic test of cracks in the building construction sites, routes, bridges, port's wharfs.

Factory and social compliance audit.

Factory quality evaluation.

Our services

Cotton controlling Industrial goods Inspection Marine and Petroleum Survey Chemical testing & analysis Consumer goods inspection Agricultures, food-stuffs inspection and fumigation Certification Services Verification, Investment Monitoring and consultant Services

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Hotline +84 856281006 +84 28 38444017



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