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Verification, Investment Monitoring and consultant Services

Verification, Investment Monitoring and consultant Services

ASIACONTROL has been establishing a company's data system either in the whole of it, or using to connect to the system of world wide group of inspection companies, in order to continuously access into the world's relation-ship of more than 90 countries for the updated production prices, and it is ready to provide with the highest quality of the production price evaluation services.

With the stable professional staffs, ASIACONTROL is always at the services to the Clients whenever it is at the requirement, and wherever all over of the world where is in need.

The available services of evaluation of ASIACONTROL including of:

Evaluation of the joint-venture's source of invested capital; calculating the value of the invested capital as per the Investment consult to Clients with the local investment Laws, the legal procedure, the business environment, the possibility of investment in different economic fields in Vietnam. 

Evaluation of lot of cargo, of equipment, of single machinery with low value, of popularly using commodity in Vietnam. 

Evaluation of lot of cargo, of equipment line, of a completed machinery or single one with high value. 

Evaluation of local-made equipment and machinery. 

Evaluation of ready-assemble synchronorized equipment and break-loosen ones. 

Evaluation of commodity, of property for the "Collateral Management Agreement" services (CMA). 

Evaluation of house-hold products and hotel's equipments... 

Verify condition of machinery and equipment compare with investment license. 

Verify the category machinery and equipment in accordance with their intended use.

Provide trade information on capital goods and raw materials for the required industry.

Provide information: government regulations, marketing and promotion, investment environment...

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