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The 10-year anniversary of Asiacontrol in Hochiminh City

  • On 10/9/2009, The 10-year anniversary at the restaurant founded Asiacontrol Nam Ho Chi Minh City.
  • From 5 to 7 / 7 in 2009, Full Company Asiacontrol held preliminary review meeting six months in 2009 in the coastal city of Nha Trang. At this conference, the company evaluate the advantages and disadvantages in the operation of the system and gave the undertakings to remedy and improve in the last months in 2009. Meeting also agreed on the important issues of professional: the official release damage assessment process cars, forms of deeds, interim report, plans for preparation check list each type of assessment ... to implement the unified system of Asiacontrol across the country. Meeting also reviewed and re-evaluate the methods of implementation, process monitoring and management system for the assessment of e-business management which is the first Asiacontrol in Vietnam has introduced the company from 5 years to control the process of assessment and record keeping. The conference was successful with many decisions and direction for the last 6 months in 2009.
  • Asiacontrol is approaching its 10 year anniversary of incorporation (10/9/1999-10/9/2009). This is an important event, have special properties, marks the sustainable development and extensive expertise in the assessment of export goods in Vietnam and with Asiacontrol International. 10 years to build and grow with the mark on the stability of the entire infrastructure system across the country and abroad, with a team of professional experts, with accomplishments and awards worth achieved, brand Asiacontrol increasingly honored in the field of expertise.
  • Many professional activities, on the occasion of anniversary 10 years of incorporation Asiacontrol is prepared to organize the celebrations including the Symposium on cargo damage, loss of motor vehicle; the Thematic expertise insurance training ISO 9001-2008 version ... will lead the assessment unit and the elite all over the country attended, discussed and agreed on the implementation.
  • On 11/9/2009 professional training, assessment and insurance total loss assessment company headquarters in HCM City
  • 12/09/2009 To organize training on updated versions of ISO 9001-2008 in Headquarters Company. Participants: The entire staff at the office of the Company and representatives of the branch.

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