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Year 2009

  • In the October of year 2009, ASIACONTROL has been awarded the prize and golden cup of " Nationwide Excellent Company", as well as General Director Mr. Ta Hoa Binh has also been awarded the prize and golden cup of "Nationwide Excellent Businessman", the both prizes were honourably given by Madam Vu Thi Doan - Vice president of the country, in Ha Noi.
  • On 26/6/2009, the International Certification Organization NQA had re-appraised the Asiacontrol system in the fourth time and found that the company to be conformed to The Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001-2008. Prior to this, in the first time, the International Certification Organization DNV had granted the certificate, valued between 2000-2003, then in the second and third time NQA had granted the certificate, valued between 2003-2009. As per the NQA appraised results of the fourth time valued between 2009-2012, the Quality Management System of Asiacontrol, after 9 years in operation, is acknowledged to be stable and effect.

Jan. year 2006

  • The first inspection company in Vietnam has been awarded the prize "GOLDEN CUP FOR VIETNAM BRAND NAME 2005", a very honor prize for the best trade mark of the Vietnam companies.
  • The first inspection company in Vietnam has been certified and confirmed by the Vietnam Ministry of Trade to be "TRUSTED" COMPANY IN THE YEAR 2006.

Year 2005

  • In September 2005, Asiacontrol is the first inspection company hed been awarded the "Vietnam Gold Star Award" - a great honour prize for any Vietnam company, and the "Certificate of Merit" from Vietnam National Committee of international Economic Cooperation.
  • In November 2005, Asiacontrol has offically applied the sftware of the conpany's management into it's operation and technical affairs, including: managing the numbers of inspection certificates, of the offical correspondences: monitoring the whole process og inspection performance and the process of issuing the preliminary / daily and final reports and certificates; storing document files.

Year 2004

  • In Septmber 2004, Asiacontrol celebrated 5 year of establishment of the company. By this event, Asiacontrol has offcially owned and copletely renewed each of office building inturn to use as it's offical office in Ho Chi Minh city, Hai Phong city, Hanoi city, Rach Gia city (Kien Giang province), Vung Tau city, Da Nang city, Quy Nhon city and Nha Trang city. This had marked the powerful development of the finance, as well as the long stable of the company's system all over Vietnam, created the high confidence to the Clients with Asiacontrol system.

Year 2003

  • Since june 2003, The Quality Management System Standard of Asiacontrol has been reaccredited by DNV to be conformed to the new version of ISO 9001-2000.
  • Since july 2003, Asiacontrol has offcially been taking part into the auditing services for the conformity of the international standards, such as ISO 9001 - 2000. HACCAP, ISO 14000, on behalf of the international certification organizations.

Year 2002

  • Since August 2001, Asiacontrol has been accepted by the Ministry of Trade, as the first independent inspection company to carry out the inspection and to issue the certificate for the Form D certificate of Orgin's purposes.

Year 2001

  • From the year 2001, Asiacontrol has officially been using few professional calculating softwares for draft survey, burker survey, also using the model digital cameras, in order to transmit by email with the pictures of the condition of cargo from the inspection site to th Clients, at the earliest time; and by using the model laptops and mobile printers during the inspection performance, the Clients can be submitted with the reports and cetificates as soon as the inspection had been completed at the inspection site. 
  • Since July 2001, Asiacontrol has been confirmed by the Vietnam National Office of Industrial Property, that the logo and Asiacontrol's nam had successfully been registered as the monopolized ones belonging to the Company in Vietnam.

Year 2000

  • Since February 2000, Asiacontrol has been confirmed by the Vietnam Department of Standard - Measurement - Quality, as the first inspection company in Vietnam to be of sufficient ability to carry out the government managing inspection services for the import - export commodities in all parts of Vietnam.
  • Since June 2000, Asiacontrol, the first independent inspection company in Vietnam has been evaluated and accredited by DNV with the Quality Management System to be conformed to the ISO 9002.

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